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Upon request, am happy to provide more details about my coaching work and projects - although due to matters of professionalism and confidentiality any identifying details will not be shared. 


  • Time tracking and personnel planning tools during the reorganization of a trading company in Zurich with approx. 6500 employees
  • New management structure, financial structure & process including documentation for a Think Tank company with approx. 25 employees
  • Reunification, motivation and realignment of two finance teams during the merger of a beverage producing company in Lucerne with approx. 650 employees
  • Project management in an educational organization for the evaluation and documentation process of a finance budgeting instrument across all government departments; including identification of relationships and dependencies in the planning process and creating an evaluation concept 
  • Process documentation and management of new financial processes during the reorganisation of a marketing agency in Zurich and Lausanne with approx. 30 employees
  • Coaching of individuals during decision making phases for new job orientation
  • Coaching a business executive in matters of ISO certification, personnel selection, organisational structure plus development of a human resources strategy in the Canton Schwyz with approx. 15 employees
  • Coaching of individuals after marital divorce, job loss and re-entry into their chosen profession
  • Coaching an executive manager on issues relating to leadership culture, conflict, staff departures and unspoken accusations
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 EFQM certification for various Swiss companies