Process & Organizational Development
Projects · People Coaching

In MY office...

We meet to talk on the table. In doing analysis work using flipcharts and pinboard.


  • Private persons coaching               Fr.    150.00 p. hour
  • Single coaching in company          Fr.     200.00 p. hour  
  • Process- & Projectmanagement  Fr.     250.00 p.hour (plus expenses)
  • Per day fees                                       Fr. 2'000.00 (plus expenses)

Rules and limitations

  • Coaching for improvement and completeness of physical, mental and social well-being
  • Absolute discreetness guaranteed
  • All collected data will be deleted after work termination
  • A collaboration contract defines mission and roles
    Counseling steps:                                                                                                                             -Find out about the problem                                                                                                        -Build the target

    -Locate the goal criterias                                                                                                           -Create the solution                                                                                                                    -Define the measures for the goal transformation